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 Kobudo is a Japanese term that can be translated as “old martial way.” It was formerly known as Kobujutsu (“old martial art”), however, with the advent of martial arts generally becoming practiced for reasons other than that of practicality, it is now more commonly known as Kobudo. Within Japan, it can refer to any traditional martial art and is synonymous with koryū. 

The Okinawa seishinryoku kobudo emphasizes the training traditional okinawa seishinryoku kobudo and modern Okinawa seishinryoku kobudo.

The traditional okinawa seishinryoku kobudo includes the following weapons:Bo-Tonfa-Sai-Jo-Hanbo-Iaido - Suruchin-Nunti bo-Nunti sai-Kama-Suru no nicho-Kusari kama-Kendo-Santetsu-Escrima.

The modern okinawa seishinryoku kobudo techniques are limited to firearms (  Pistol,Revolver,Rifle,Shotgun) and  sticks,Knife.   

This element is an optional element.  The student may chose not to study and train in this element. Likewise the instructor has the option to not teach this to any student which the instructor feels is not a good candidate. This element is available only to students who have achieved the Sandan level.
NOTE: All of the weapons in this system are taught within the concepts of self- defense and the laws, which govern them.

The seishinryoku kobudo helps in the development of the athletes involved in martial arts,because it broadens the movement imagination,sharpens the perception,strengthens  the body and subconsciously exercises the body's expansion with foreign objects at a greater distance than the one reached by hand.Another advantage is that it helps the athete under difficult situations to use an umbrella - a magazine - a keychain or anything available as a weapon for self-defense. The seishinryoku karate matches perfectly the seishinryoku kobudo and that is why the seishinryoku karate kata can also be performed with kobudo weapons. Necessary aids in seishinryoku kobudo training are makiwara - the small moving targets - kai the special protective suit in the competition part. Nowadays the okinawa seishinryoku kobudo society mounts championships which include competitions with kata - weapons techniques - fights (kumite) according to the I.O.S.K.D.K.J.A regulations.