(OPEN DIVISION)    

The Seishinryoku jutsu with emphasis on the 3 S's - Skill - Speed - Stamina – Suppleness - Strength, this system appeals to students that require a self defence strategy that really works.  Seishinryoku jutsu also provides a variety of techniques second to none, which enables all types of students the ability to succeed, and to become proficient in this combat art.  Throws - Locks - Pressure Points - Strikes - Kicks - Grappling and weapons training are all inclusive in the vast syllabus available. It uses many traditional techniques, which have been tried and tested, and also many modern combat formulas, which make this style progressive yet proven.  A uniform standard of training around the world is required of all participants within Seishinryoku jutsu, with particular emphasis on all Dan gradings. 


These are monitored and controlled by the Soke Spiros Nasiakos, ensuring a worldwide standard at Black Belt level.