(This is the Official website of the S.J.I.)

 The Seishinryoku Jutsu  International is dedicated to the promotion and development of the Seishinryoku Jutsu worldwide.


The membership is open to all martial arts clubs, groups, associations and governing bodies. 


 Seishinryoku Jutsu ( jujutsu) is a  system of self-defense based on techniques found in modern and historical japanese martial arts. The main influences come from  Yoshin ryu jujutsu, aiki jutsu,kyusho jutsu.


The S.J.I. is based on the philosophy and principles of  Soke Nasiakos k. Spiridon , founder of the Seishinryoku Ryu. 


Training includes physical conditioning,and practical methods,striking,throwing,and immobilization, as well as the use of vital points as targets for striking in self-defense, also incorporates weapons practice, as well as defense against such weapons as the knife, pistol,hambo,tambo and jo (staff). 


Seishinryoku Jujitsu consists of "unarmed and armed" self-defense struggles developed by the Samurai warrior in the battlefields of Japan's feudalism


Seihinryoku Jitsu is not a competition martial arts sport – but, rather a martial arts system designed to provide highly effective techniques and training for real life self-defense needs. 


 For training at Hombu Dojo and/or seeking more information about joining our style free to contact us.



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   A complete manual of Seishinryoku jutsu.

                ( in japanese and english)