(GENDAI RYU)

The SEISHINRYOKU RYU its aim is to immobilize / defeat the opponent in a few seconds (in real combat conditions). Is a multilateral martial art that has been studied and developed in its present form under the supervision of DAI SOKE NASIAKOS K. SPIRIDON.


 Seishinryoku ryu includes 3 family arts (ryu), which are stated below. 1) OKINAWA SEISHINRYOKU KARATE DO  2) OKINAWA SEISHINRYOKU KOBUDO 3) SEISHINRYOKU JUTSU.(every art is independent with its own grading system and teaching program). 


In short, Seishinryoku ryu teaches  punches – leg  ( kicks-knee hits-low kicks ) And standing battle – ground battle strikings, lockings, throws, bone breaking, chokes, in combination with unarmed / armed.    

We must clarify that the (IOSKDKJA) thanks to its advanced teaching system, provides the possibility, to anyone willing to participate, to choose whether he/she will follow its full program (SKKJ) or choose one of the three martial arts of which it comprises.

Since it is a martial and not combative art,it uses the ‘’old traditional way’’ of awards / titles ‘’MENKYO’’.

SEISHINRYOKU RYU  is a modern and constantly evolving martial art, yet the system proudly embraces the best of its Japanese heritage and traditions

The Okinawa seishinryoku karate do kobudo jutsu (SEISHINRYOKU RYU) is taught only IOSKDKJA members,and not the general.