The SEISHINRYOKU RYU is a multilateral martial art that has been studied and developed in its present form under the supervision of  DAI SOKE NASIAKOS K. SPIRIDON. The SEISHINRYOKU BUDO  SYSTEMS is compound by three main disciplines(ryu), which are stated below.



                          (every art is independent with its own grading system and teaching program).


                                                                                  Due to the multifaceted nature of the style, it is often referred to in Japan as a Sogo Budo Ryu. 

                                        WORLD OKINAWA SEISHINRYOKU KARATE DO FEDERATION


                                                 SHORIN RYU (SUKUNAIHAYASHI)  (or small pine forest style)  


The W.O.S.K.D.F. is an international organization for the promotion and teaching of Shorin ryu / Okinawa Seishinryoku Ryu Karate Do and considered a sub style of Sukunaihayashi ryu (kyan-Ha)


                    Official Web World Okinawa Seishinryoku Karate Do Federation: www.woskdf.jimdo.com    


                                             OKINAWA SEISHINRYOKU KOBUDO SOCIETY


 The Okinawa Seishinryoku Kobudo Society a martial arts club dedicated to the promotion of traditional Ryukyu kobudo.


                                        Official Web Okinawa Seishinryoku Kobudo Society: osks.jimdo.com/      



                                                                 SEISHINRYOKU JUTSU INTERNATIONAL


 Seishinryoku Jutsu ( jujutsu) is a  system of self-defense based on techniques found in modern and historical japanese martial arts. The main influences come from  Yoshin ryu jujutsu, aiki jutsu,kyusho jutsu.


                           OffiCial web seishinryoku jutsu international: www.seishinryoku.jimdo.com

SEISHINRYOKU means many things: cultivation of the mind,putting ones heart and soul into the effort,sinerely devoting one's self,mentally,phusically,spiritually and morally to your art.   

The Seishinryoku ryu as a martial art  cultivates a tough body and an indomitable spirit through arduous training and at the same time contributes to building a character that loves peace and values civility.

We must clarify that the (IOSKDKJA) thanks to its advanced teaching system, provides the possibility, to anyone willing to participate, to choose whether he/she will follow its full program Seishinryoku Ryu or choose one of the three martial arts of which it comprises.


A uniform standard of training around the world is required of all participants within Seishinryoku Ryu, with particular emphasis on all Dan gradings, these are monitored and controlled by the Soke Spiros Nasiakos, ensuring a worldwide standard at Black Belt level.

Kokusai Seishinryoku Kyokai is an open and totally non-political organisation, dedicated to the advancement and development of this unique style, anybody requiring further information about Seishinryoku Ryu should contact ioskdkja@gmail.com